Digital Marketing for Ajuntament de barcelona

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Ajuntament de Barcelona is the entity with the highest competency powers of the city of Barcelona, as it regulates the daily life of citizens, and important issues such as urban planning, transport, municipal taxes collection, road safety management through Guardia Urbana, the maintenance of the public road and gardens or the construction of municipal facilities

We worked in two main areas, focused in search engine optimisation and web analytics:

1. Search engine optimisation and indexability audit to review 30 websites belonging to Ajuntament de Barcelona, from main site to Museo Picasso, built using different technologies and following several SEO paths.

- Performing the audit: In terms of keywords, content, indexability, SEO onsite and SEO offsite.
- Identifying the needed improvements: critical and recommended SEO recommendations to apply in each site.
- Defining of an standardized guide: to follow in further and future website developments.

2. Definition of KPIs and proposal for an SEO scorecard, designed in Google Analytics using key indicators defined to understand the performance of efforts in search engine optimisation actions.

- Measuring requirements: Definition of objectives, relevant KPIs and metrics to be analysed on a regular basis.
- Creating the dashboard: Definition of KPIs and graphical structure of the control panel