Mobles 114 editions specialises in producing contemporary furniture and fittings and is based in Barcelona. Mobles 114 brand was founded in 1973 and is committed to improving the quality of public places and homes with unique, timeless designs.

Mobles 114 products are published after due consideration and comprehension of what each proposal specifically requires; that's why their items of furniture are created by internationally renowned designers to publish items of furniture that go beyond the creative process and investigate material development, that go beyond their role and become a solution and always serving the demands of quality.

In this long term collaboration, Track 08 is helping them to define their international online business strategy, having in consideration market, competitors and target, to reach potencial clients, prescription and comercial allies.

We also defined a new optimised website, in terms of search engine optimisation and user experience, to be developed during 2017, that is also aligned with their brand communication.